Help me find my monochromatic Qbert shoe!
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Help me find this Qbert-esque shoe! I wasn't dreaming, was I?

A week ago or so, someone took me to a mall in Jersey (can't remember the name), where I found this great shoe, incredible, and even though I'm normally very picky (read: indecisive) about my shoes/sneakers, I decided to buy it on the spot. It was a Converse slip-on -- not the ones with lacing holes but without shoelaces, but the kind that looks like the Vans slip-ons.

This particular shoe had a pattern that looked incredibly like the Qbert playing field, except it was in monochrome, so with shades of black/white/gray. Unfortunately, the store didn't have my size, so I took the box and jotted down what I thought was the model name: Converse Deck Star Geo Ox. (The 'Ox' may have actually been 'Ax', as I can't tell whether I used a large lowercase A, or an O.)

Now, I can't find it anywhere! I've been to the Converse website, browsed through their slip-on shoes -- no such luck. Google returns no results. I can't go back to the place because 1) I don't remember where it was 2) the friend with access to a car is no longer in the country 3) I don't drive, and I'm in NYC. Have you heard of this shoe? Seen? Thank you hive mind!
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This page says it's both a women's shoe, and that it's a men's shoe. Weird. Is this it?
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Or this one on eBay? Looks a little different.
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peep, the shoe design and the colors are all the same, but the pattern was a geometric pattern like the Qbert field. The shoe you linked to has a cross-hatched pattern with lines intersecting at 90 degrees -- close, but it's not it. Thanks, though.
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I have definitely seen them, but I can't remember the name of the model. :( sorry I can't be more help, but at least I can confirm you weren't dreaming.
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Ox in Converse shoes normally stands for "Oxford" (vs. "slip" (slip on) or "hi" (High-top)). Cruising reveals no pattern that looks like the shoe you describe - what you need to find out is the pattern name (ie: "rocker print" "skulls print" "snake skull" etc) rather than the style name, as any single style will come in a plethora of colors.

If you can't find it on their website, that means that either a) its a discontinued (ie: last season or earlier) print; or b) its a print produced for a specific brand/market (ie: we'll do a special print that's only sold at Foot Locker, or whatever).

Good luck in your search
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Your friend is no longer in the county, but is available by phone or email or smoke signal, probably, right? Can you make contact and ask the name of the mall? This is driving me nuts because I've seen that pattern 5 gazillion times (it looks very much like a quilt pattern I've made a few times called baby blocks). Also, are you 100% sure it's Converse?
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Did the pattern look like this?? These are Vans, called Cubes.
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Sorry to keep posting. Damn MF is slow right now! Are these the shoes?
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iconomy! You're right! I was about 90% sure that they were Converse shoes, but I guess not. Thanks so much!

Now, the problem seems to be that they're out of stock/they don't sell them in my size. Damn! I guess I'll have to call around or custom-order through their website..
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Good! If you go to the Vans site, you can build your own - sounds like you might know that already but I wasn't sure. The pattern is called Z Cubes, and the color is called charcoal, if that helps with searching around. I didn't know if you're male or female or I would have looked around for you.
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