I'm looking for statistics on how long American adults go missing for.
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A friend of someone I know has gone missing. For no reason other than my own morbid curiosity, I am looking for statistics concerning how long most American adult people go missing for, and whether most people that are found are alive or dead.

I got to thinking what I would do if someone I knew disappearred, and I figured that I'd like to know some numbers before anything like that ever happened. I plan on keeping this information to myself and not telling anyone who is dealing with the situation.
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Kelly Jolkowski at Project Jason, might have some info or at least some links for you. She's a very nice lady, always willing to help.
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This doesn't really answer your question at all, but I had a friend go missing once...phone was off, did not return messages, did not come to work, was not at home, other friends had not seen her, car was abandoned in a temporary parking spot. It looked bad, but we were only actively trying to find her for a day before she turned up (although nobody had heard from her the weekend before either).

Hope the friend turns up soon...that's a terrifying experience.
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