Multilingual Reading Slogans
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I'm making a display for the library in which I work. The display is to show off our collection of children's book in languages besides English. I want to have phrases like 'reading is fun', 'read books' and so on in as many languages as possible. Please list away!
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c'est amusant de lire
it is fun to read
according to my GF who speaks French as her first language

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Response by poster: I have, so far:
C'est hypercool de lire; Ich mag lesen; La bibliotheque est chouet; mi piacciano i libri.
Thank you!
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chouet chouette
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Leyendo es divertido
Lea libros (not sure about this one)
posted by amberglow at 8:32 PM on May 3, 2004

lesen macht spass.
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Ich liebe lesen (My German is awful, you might wanna check that)

Eu amo livros (Ditto with my Portuguese)
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amber: it's "Leer es divertido" Don't ask me why, I'm not a Spanish grammarian but "Leyendo es divertido" sounds wrong to my ears...Your second is ok :)
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oops...i was iffy on the wrong one.

and Pais de los cuentos is Storyland
(unless vaca says no) : >
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"Ich lese gern" for German [on preview: "lesen macht Spass" is better for "reading is fun", "ich lese gern" is more "I like to read".]? "legere est iucundum", maybe, for Latin? The only Latin dictionary I can find is really terrible (though it does define "dropsical" and "dudgeon" in Latin).
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A filipino friend contributes the Tagalog version: "Masaya'ng mag basa."
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Dutch: Lezen is leuk.
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Ler é giro or Ler é bem giro would be better for children, as this is how they/we speak. If you want to use colloquial, 100% acceptable slang, used by children, teenagers and the President of the Republic, Ler é fixe.

Ler é giro: Reading is fun.
Ler é bem giro: Reading is great fun.
Ler é fixe: Reading is cool.

Btw, what a fixe idea, malpractice! :)
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Reading is Fun! =

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Yomu koto ga omoshiroi desu!

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"Ich lese gern" for German

"Gern" is an infinitival complement. No infinitive in that sentence.

However, "Ich mag gern zu lesen" is "I [emphasis] like to read" or, idiomatically, "I like to read very much."

Jann (the native speaker, naturally) got it.
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Llegir és divertit. (Reading is fun)
M'encanta llegir. (I love reading)
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Ead-ray ooks-bay.
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?????? - ??????!
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Ooops ... MeFi doesn't do Cyrillic, eh?

<< Chteniye -- zabava! >>
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An nangseuh sanuk maak maak
(Thai - read book fun much much)

mail me if you want it in Thai script
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Det er så sjovt at læse bøger - it is fun to read books
Jeg elsker at læse - i love to read

(In danish)
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Eu iubesc lectura.
[I love reading]

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Mayor Curley: They learned me wrong! Or I misremembered.
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leer es entrete
leer es bacán

not sure if the former is "correct" (entrete might be a colloquial shortening of entretenido), but it's normal speech. the latter is certainly colloquial - no idea if it's just chilean, or a more general spanish expression (bacán is the current cool word for cool - it doesn't seem to have any particular negative associations (won't offend anyone)) (from pauli).
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Det er gøy å lese - It's fun to read
Jeg elsker å lese - I love to read

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"Makalingaw ang pagbasa" - It's fun to read, in Bisaya, a major Filipino dialect. And yeah, available in Baybayin script by email.
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I like to read in Mandarin Chinese, simplified characters, pinyin romanization.
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Reading is fun (lit., to read very good). More interesting suggestions welcome...
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German: I would use "Lesen macht Spaß!" (reading is fun) or/and "Ich lese gern" (I like reading).
kenko, Mayor Curley: Since German is my native language, I wouldn't know if it's an "infinitival complement" or whatever, but it's definitely correct to say "Ich lese gern". You could also say, "I mag gern lesen" (without "zu"), but no German would use that construction in everyday conversation.
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For Japanese, I like "hon wo yomimashou" - "Let's read books." The "mashou" form is nice and polite, and it also seems friendly and appropriate for use toward kids. You can see this phrase written in Japanese at the top of this page, since MeFi isn't very friendly towards Japanese text.
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Det är kul att läsa! - Reading is fun
Läs fler böcker! - Read more books
Biblioteket är mitt andra hem! - The library is my second home
Böcker är balla! - Books are cool

That would be Swedish.
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In a related vein, see also:

Fruitville Public Library Open Book Gateway

“Open Book Gateway” is a gateway-type structure formed by three open books with pages featuring six, profile-cut quotations in English, as well as the Arabic and Chinese translations. The artwork is approximately 18 feet tall.
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I can eat glass, it doesn't hurt me.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! This has been such a great help. I am brimming with gratitude!

I'm tempted, oissubke.
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Lukeminen on hauskaa - Reading is fun
Lue enemmän, luule vähemmän - Read more, guess less

That's Finnish.
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