saving files to two or more locations on my computer at once
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I often save files to three locations, for example two folders on the desktop and one on the USB. Is there any way of saving files to two or more locations on my computer at once - I'm tired of the extra time this takes!
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Have a look at File Synchronization Software. Here's a free one that does "multi-folder synchronization".
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save the file to one location, use automatic/timed file backup software to back it up to the usb drive and/or another location on a frequent enough basis to assure your comfort level.
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You could make a batch file on your desktop with the contents as follows:

copy %1 c:\
copy %1 g:\

... then drag whatever file you want to copy to the batch file and it will copy it to both locations. This wont work to drag multiple files at once without more in depth batch file programming - but that's a route to explore if those are your needs.
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Microsoft's sync toy? works well for me to copy one folder to another on my usb drive.
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I was playing with the batch file method... this works better as it will accept dragging and dropping multiple files. The only thing you ought to need to change is the directories where the files are to be copied. This is for copying to two locations but you can obviously change that to as many locations as you want. The directory must first exist and it will overwrite any existing file without prompting.

Also, it seems to work just fine as a shortcut off your "Quick Launch" toolbar.

echo off
IF (%1)==() GOTO END
COPY %1 c:\firstlocation\
COPY %1 c:\secondlocation\
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