Where does the phrase "went to the bridge" come from?
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Where does the phrase "went to the bridge" come from and what exactly does it mean?

I have seen this phrase used to mean that a person's pet has died. I have only just seen it recently, and only online, never heard someone say it in person about a pet, or about another human. (More specifically, about pets with shorter lifespans than cats or dogs, but sometimes cats & dogs.)

Is it supposed to be a non-religious way of saying they've "gone to a better place"? Or does it have a religious meaning, like it's a bridge to the afterlife?

Why do people use this for pets instead of 'passed on' or 'died', as one would say about a human?

I googled it but just got many sad stories about pets, or stories about actual bridges. Thanks.
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I think it comes from this.
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I think you're pretty darn right! How did you find that? Thank you!
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Maybe it's Rainbow Bridge.

This piece of schmaltz has been circulating since before the Internet, and I'm embarrassed to admit it always makes me mist up a little bit.
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In which case, you may be interested in the original Rainbow Bridge.
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I think it has earlier roots. James Brown always sang, "take me to the bridge" in his early soul recordings and I believe it goes much further back than that to early blues music.
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My first thought was "take me to the bridge," but that is clearly a reference to the musical bridge.

If the bridge typically came at the end of the song, I could see using it as a metaphor for death, but in this case it seems like a coincidence.
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