Psychic in Denver?
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Does anyone know of a good psychic in the Denver area?

Looking to give a gift certificate to a friend for her birthday. Would prefer recommendations based on personal experience.
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What kind of psychic are you looking for? Tarot, astrologer, palm reader, channel, etc?
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Psychic readings can be a very personal thing. There are as many different types of readings as there are readers, really. It may be useful to find a reader that works with what your friend is familiar. Has she had other readings before? Is she particularly interested in a certain oracle, such as tarot, palmistry, gem readings, etc.? Is she of a particular faith?

I don't personally have experience with Denver area readers but perhaps these questions can help you focus your search. Also, it can be hard for someone to make a reccomendation for a reader with so little detail about what your friend is looking for (or even if your friend is interested in readings or not). In the end you may have to do some shopping around to find a reader that really fits with you.

It's certainly useful to know the purpose of the reading -- is it a one time thing, is your friend looking for a regular reader, is it just curiosity? All these things can help you narrow your search.
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I think you should define what you mean when you say 'good psychic'. Otherwise, it seems like a trick question.
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I'd go to the nearest hippie/New Age-y store and ask whoever works there for names.
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By a "good" psychic do you mean one with the best track record of specific, accurate predictions? The most entertainment value? The coolest ambiance? The one who gives the best personal advice?
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yeah, we need to know what type of psychic you want. i'd think your best bet for will be down the road in Boulder.
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