Instant Messaging on Blackberry Pearl
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How can I get MSN Instant Messaging or Gtalk on my Blackberry Pearl?

I have a Blackberry Pearl from Cingular (AT&T now) and I'd like to use either MSN IM or Gtalk IM on it. Everywhere I search for this seems to say use Blackberry messenger to set up those accounts, but I can't figure out how to do that. Any advice is most appreciated as I spent 2 hours searching for solutions and consulting the manual and couldn't find anything useful.
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Also, since you refernced not being able to find blackberry messanger,

google://blackberry messenger.
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Just a note, some carriers will block Gtalk and maybe MSN (not sure about that one, it's much newer).

So if you find a download link and it won't work you may want to call your carrier and double check that it isn't blocked.

I believe the rationale is that if you're using messaging, you're not using SMS. Which they profit from, etc.
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Related: AOL Instant Messenger on a bb? That's free? That's not Ramble IM?
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You can get pretty much all clients using Shape software various clients. They also do a Skype and Remove desktop.

Note: I haven't used them myself so YMMV
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