Anacortes to Shaw Island - help!
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Taking the ferry from Anacortes, WA to Shaw Island in October - help!

I'll be traveling in Washington in October and November, and would like to take the ferry from Anacortes to Shaw Island on or about 10/30. The ferry schedule on the WA DOT site ends on 9/29, and I've struck out getting additional info through their site/phone #, or getting them to reply to emails - does anyone have suggestions as to where I can find out when the ferry will be running that week?

I've also tried chatting w/a librarian at the Washington State Library and calling the Anacortes Library, but neither of them were able to help.
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Try the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, they should be able to give you the info directly. Or, they may be able to give you the direct number for the Friday Harbor ferry terminal, through which, if I recall, you need to pass or probably switch ferries at FH at least. The ferry workers there would know.

San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce
physical: 135 Spring Street
mailing: PO Box 98
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

There is also an excellent library in Friday Harbor (the county seat of San Juan county, which includes Shaw Island), they might know or be able to help.
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You might try contacting the editors at the San Juan Islander.

I've been to the San Juans every Fall for many years. In general, the Fall ferry schedule cuts a few sailings. However, the overall plan of attack (leaving Anacortes) remains the same. Get to the ferry early in the morning. If you miss the morning sailings, you have to wait a few hours before the afternoon sailings begin.
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Thanks to everyone for their help - I'll start making some calls.
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