How do you prefer to find out what's on?
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What are the best sites to find out what cool things are happening locally?

I have an idea for a website, and I'm looking for inspiration from existing pretty, functional, well-designed sites or blogs that you use to find out what concerts/festivals/arts events etc are coming up in your area. What do you love about them?

If possible I'm looking for more than just listings sites, or "official" sites of local institutions. I'm interested in independent sites that are selective about what they recommend and which tell you more about each event than you'd find on a press release.

It doesn't matter what locality the sites cover. I'd appreciate your help!
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I don't know of any that have an editorial staff that actively recommends things, unless it's something like a local alternative newspaper like The Orlando Weekly, which lists all but talks prominently about some.

It's not what you're looking for (it's unmoderated), but I use Upcoming for its cross-referencing and searchability. If you wish to implement something, steal some of its ideas.
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The -ist sites. Gothamist, Austinist, Chicagoist, etc.
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I really like, Resident Advisor, and Fusicology
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Las Vegas City Life, the completely unrelated Las Vegas Life, and the Dallas Observer all based on their print versions but still good stuff.

It occurs to me that if you really want to run a good site, you are going to have to use those "official" sites and list sites, get the press release, and follow up on them. Stuff like "According to the park district, the XYZ festival is on for July 22-25. If it's anything like last year, expect blah blah blah...." and "We were excited about the press release announcing ABC. When we called the promoter's office, John Smith told us blah blah blah...."

It sounds like a lot of work. I truly hope you succeed, because it sounds like you want to make something that I want to read.
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OhMyRockness was pretty definitive for NYC.
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Metroblogging Seattle and Seattleist, and the blog of the The Stranger.
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One alternative approach is upcoming, where anyone can post an event (even if they are not the organizer). It's got a social-networking thing going on, where you can see what events your friends plan on attending.
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The Squid List is pretty awesome for the Bay Area.
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The Nonsense NYC newsletter gives you a list each week of weird and interesting shows, parties, and events. They're usually the sort of things that you'd otherwise only hear about through a friend of a friend.
posted by the jam at 9:36 AM on August 21, 2007 has some good features. User-generated content means no need for a big editorial staff, although they do feature "editor's pick" events. Covers Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, with more to come.
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Also has pages for 29 other cities.
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I tend to use for my area - they're not exactly independent but have a mix of professional and user written guides and reviews and cover the entire music scene in the major cities of Australia.
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I'm in Detroit and haven't found any local sites that I like. I'm involved with a yearly Cleveland-area tech conference and to keep up on happenings down there, I signed myself up for the Cool Cleveland email newsletter, and I love it!

I'm not even sure why, except that I'm lazy so a push delivery like email works very well for me. The little interviews add depth to the event listings, that's probably part of it.

It's not as self-absorbed as the alternative-culture newsweeklies, either. As much as the kinky personals can be entertaining, that sort of limits the audience, whereas a work-safe newsletter is more likely to garner more subscribers.
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Asheville, NC:

Mountain Express

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Gapers Block (self-link)
Duke City Fix

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