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I'm looking for some non-smoking nightlife options for Chicago. Bars, music venues, clubs, etc - especially interested in somewhere for live music (jazz, rock) & drinks. I realize that the city is supposed to go non-smoking in January, but I'm looking for some options now.
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I have been told, though I have never been, that the Green Dolphin Street Jazz club is non-smoking. The fella who told me is very much into Jazz and thinks its a fine venue. It is also somewhat dear, from what I hear.
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Metromix lets you check "non-smoking" when searching for bars/clubs.

For instance, non-smoking jazz and rock venues.
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The front room of the Hideout is nonsmoking and the Park West is completely nonsmoking. The Hothouse was also completely nonsmoking last time I was there, but it lost its space on Balboa and I haven't heard whether they've found a new space.
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The Charleston is a non-smoking bar in Bucktown, at Charleston and Hoyne. They have live music on weekends, but it's a nice, laid-back bar to hang out in during the week too.
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You can check out Martyrs for drinks and live music. I usually go when they host Big C Jamboree, a rockbilly night with swing dancing and lots of good people watching. It happens the first Thursday of every month. Free!
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Seconding the Charleston.
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The Velvet Lounge (for jazzy stuff)
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