where can I stay in Santa Barbara?
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where can I stay in Santa Barbara?

I'm taking next week off work and I'm thinking of getting out of L.A. I've never been to Santa Barbara, and I'd like to go, chill somewhere quiet-ish, and do some writing.

So I'm looking for a hotel that's nice, not absurdly expensive (would be nice to keep it under $150 a night), and will have a room on short notice. If the hotel has a cool restaurant/bar in it, that would be a bonus. Near a quiet beach would be great as well.

(I did read the other S.B. related questions, but didn't see hotels addressed in detail) thanks!
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Here in SB, under $150/night is tough. Look into Goleta, but even that would be a stretch. All the places near the beach are EXPENSIVE.

$90/night is the current price at the Carpenteria Motel 6 (Maybe Super 8? My boyfriend drives by it 2X day). Carpenteria has some really nice beaches too. MY boyfriend says that that motel is on the other side of the highway from the beach though.

The downtown Santa Barbara Holiday Inn, which is 3 blocks from the beach, and really close to good food, might be more affordable because it isn't so close to the beach. Not sure if you're going to get $150/night though.

If/when you do come up, let me know and we can grab lunch!
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Hotels.com has a ton of places, but while near the beach, won't be near food. Ojai won't be walkable to the beach, BTW. Goleta hotels, be careful to make sure that it is really next to the beach.
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Response by poster: ok, well Travlelocity is telling me The Inn At East Beach for around $140. All the reviews seem to love it, so unless someone tells me something awful about it, I might go with it.
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East Beach is alright - the only downside is that it is a bit of a hike to food - maybe a 10-15 minute walk.
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Keep in mind that it's back to school these days.
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East beach is a good call for what you're looking for. I'd go with that. There's plenty to do and eat around that area, it just isn't downtown. That sounded like what you wanted anyway.
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The Upham is sweet looking but pricey. Never been there myself.
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And by "plenty to do and eat" I mean that it's a nice beach you can walk for miles, a zoo and a bird refuge and places to rent kayaks or boogie boards or bicycles or whatever, beach volleyball courts, a few nice seafood restaurants (Stella Mare comes to mind), etc. Nothing's really far away, you're maybe a mile from downtown so you could walk or drive or bike or whatever depending on what you're up for. You'll probably want to head elsewhere for a decent bar or a good breakfast, otherwise as long as relaxing is your goal you'll be in a good spot.
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Maybe this place?

The Eagle Inn

They have last-minute dates available, and it also looks like the least expensive of their rooms are about $150/night. Maybe if you give them a call they can hook you up with something for the whole week. This place is a little bit west of the main downtown area, and it is basically residential there - probably pretty quiet while still being close to everything. However, the train tracks are pretty near, so there's that if it bothers you.

Are you taking the train? I highly recommend it - the Pacific Surfliner is an experience that you should have at least once. If you do, the hotel linked above is within walking distance, as are downtown (i.e., State St.) and the beach/pier. Also, if you take the train and/or stay near the station, wander over and check out the massive Morton Bay Fig nearby. It's the oldest something-or-other (look it up). Kind of cool.

There is a hostel literally across the tracks from the train station, but I don't think that's at all what you're looking for. I've never stayed there either, but based on their rates I don't think I'd want to. (Just saying...if they're less than half any other place in SB, that can't be good.)

Also, there is a trolley (I forget what it's called, exactly) that runs up and down State St. that costs a quarter/ride. Good for when you get tired of walking. There are turquoise signs indicating the stops every couple of blocks.
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I've stayed at the Franciscan Inn. It's a quiet, small-ish place that's close to the beach, though not right on it. The rooms are clean, and If I remember correctly it was around $90 a night for one person. Best of all, the staff there was very friendly without being overbearing.

The only requirement of yours it doesn't fulfill is the cool restaurant/bar bit, but there's plenty within walking distance. Hell, the original Sambo's is within a few blocks.
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The Upham is sweet looking but pricey. Never been there myself.

I have stayed at the Upham several times and throughly enjoyed it. Very nice amenities. Down home, yet somewhat luxurious. Milk & cookies before bed! As Iron Rat mentionoed however, it is a tad expensive. The only way I was able to stay there was because my employer paid for it and there were no other options.

For cheap, yet solidly adequate accommodations, I'd recommend the El Prado Inn. That's where I'd end up 90% of the time, and I found them very good for the price. Nothing spectacular, but nothing awful either. You're also a 20 minute walk from the beach, and even less from the hoppin' areas of State St (which El Prado is right off of.)

Whatever you choose, enjoy. Santa Barbara is a wonderful place.
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I like the Upham, I stayed there on a work related trip so they paid though. I wouldn't want to blow that much money normally - I'm still in grad student mode. That said it was well located and comfortable with great breakfasts, wine in the afternoon, milk and cookies for supper, and a selection of newspapers.

To echo rewind: Santa Barbara is a wonderful and interesting place to spend a few days.
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I stayed at the Country Inn by the Sea a few months ago and had a nice time. The rates are reasonable and the service is excellent. It's a 5 minute walk to the beach the beach and 15 minute to downtown.
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It's still a month until fall quarter starts for UCSB, but SBCC does start around now. Anyway, I second taking the train; it's a nice ride from Los Angeles.
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