Where can I find real roast turkey in Princeton, NJ?
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An older family member coming to stay with us in the Princeton NJ area eats a turkey sandwich for lunch EVERY day. Seeking recommendations for deli or grocery store that has actual fresh roasted turkey for sale (as opposed to deli-type pre-cooked turkey breast). Will go pretty much anywhere in the Mercer County area if necessary. Thank you for any direction!
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You could probably get your own turkey and roast it for pretty cheap at any grocery store. Some stores will even roast them for you with a pre-order.
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Just an aside, I too, love the off the bone real roasted turkey sandwich, tell your relative to come to Boston and I could turn them on to EVERY good turkey sandwich here.

But my suggestion is to look up every Jewish deli around. They usually have them. With a good pickle, too. OK, I'm off for a turkey sandwich...
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Is this close to you? http://www.cubbyscaterers.com/deli-menu.shtml
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I would check out Whole Foods on Route 1. I know they have a sort of carving station for meats in their prepared foods section.
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Do you have a Boston Market restaurant nearby? They have roasted turkey (and wonderful side dishes).
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Yeah I think that Whole Foods is a good bet
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I was gonna suggest the same thing as Pollomacho; if you roast your own turkey and freeze it, even considering the costs of the ziploc baggies, it's tremendously cheaper. One $30 turkey plus five or six bucks in bags will probably keep him/her in sandwiches for a couple months.

'Course, you do need the freezer space.
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Wegman's on Rt. 1 in the Nassau Park shopping center also has roast turkey like you describe.
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Best answer: At the Food Court in Marketfair Mall on Route 1 S, there's a Basset's Original Turkey (or a clone thereof). Lotsa good choices, just ate there yesterday.
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Nthing Whole Foods and Wegmans.

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fwiw just pick up a boneless breast, stick a thermo in it, pull it out at 150 degrees, wrap it in foil, leave it on the counter until it cools, slice as needed for sandwiches voila. in my hood a boneless breast with meat enough for sandwiches for 2 everyday is about 13 bux.
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Response by poster: Thanks all -- this will make the next few weeks just a little easier!
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If you have a Wegmans go there, they make amazing turkey!
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