Useful Gift for Tibet/Nepal Photographer?
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Photog friend going to Nepal/Tibet - what's a good gift? Some thin air-wind jacket with lots of pockets? Anything you can think of would be appreciated - especially if you have specific experience there - up to $200? Thanks. (she's with an experience group of friends but she's never been).
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I actually really like the many-pocketed garment idea. Here's a previous thread on the merits (or lack thereof) of those khaki travel vest things; many people suggest small backpacks instead.

What about a Tibetan/Chinese/Nepali phrasebook with lots of photographic terminology?
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What time of year? It gets pretty cold up there even in the summer. How about a heavy weight jacket with lots of pockets?Nice thermal undies? I went to Tibet in May and froze my ass off.
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Assuming she's going to be doing a lot of traveling, she's probably putting a lot of planning into her packing. Which means that unless you carefully coordinate the gift with her, it's likely to be something she a) already has, b) wants but would prefer a slightly different model of, or c) doesn't want to carry.

For these reasons I'd suggest something she won't have to carry, such as a going away dinner or plane ticket upgrades.

If she is going to be doing any climbing, I recommend you get her The Ascent of Rum Doodle which she could read beforehand or on the plane.
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Speaking of packing and thermals, those super thin silk long undies come in extremely handy and pack away into parts of your bag that are already overstuffed.
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Response by poster: ADD'L INFO - while she has done lots of traveling, this is probably her first trip off the beaten path. I know she doesn't have any specific clothing that might be lightweight and good for cold/wind? Recommendations of specific items or online stores? Those wind resistent jackets actually wind resistent? Thanks!
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Echoing: thin silk long undies. Lands End ones are very good:

Two pairs or more recommended; day and night cozyness.
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Campmor has lots of silk undies, jackets, and other stuff like that. I've dealt with them in the past and have no complaints.
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Something on a slightly different note that may be appropriate and useful - particularly if she shoots digital... in the cold weather that you'd expect in Nepal and Tibet, battery life will be substantially reduced - hence the need for:
Battery warmers - some people use the re-usable gel packs that heat up when you click the button inside; not sure whether there's a "real" product designed for this purpose that involves a neoprene pouch or somesuch.
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Extra memory sticks, and extra batteries are light, and pretty essential if she's doing trekking. Lightweight layerable clothing is important; the quick-drying base layer t-shirts, a couple of fleeces, and both thick trekking socks and silk sock liners. justkevin is correct - go ahead and coordinate with her. REI was where I got most of my clothing for my trip there last year.

Also consider she could probably use some small gifts to give to porters, or lodge owners.
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jbelkin: Nothing to do with your question, but because you'll probably see this and you haven't contributed in MetaTalk before, I'd like to draw your attention to this MetaTalk.
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