Strange noise emanating from woman
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I just started dating this woman. She is 36 year old and has coeliac disease (although I don't think that is related to this question). A strange vibrating noise comes from her.

The noise sounds almost like a pager set to vibrate or the sound windshield wipers make when moving across a window that is not we enough (only much fainter). The sound is intermittent, yet frequent. I know for a fact that she doesn't carry cell phone or pager and I am pretty sure she does not wear some sort of a medical device. I can't tell where the noise is coming from exactly, but I know is coming from her. I have heard this noise come from her in different locations and at different times. She does not react at all to the noise and can carry on a fluid conversation during the noise. Any ideas?
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My first thought is that it is indeed a pager or cell phone, despite your claim. I wonder if it's your pager or cell phone.

My second thought is that since this is a bowel disease, you're hearing a gurgling, growling, rolling, gassy GI tract doing its thing. She's ignoring it. So, perhaps, should you.
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I have heard a noise like that from dialysis patients. To prepare for dialysis, they have a vein and artery cross-coupled in their arm (it's called a "thrill"), the resulting turbulence can be heard from across the room.
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Maybe she's purring.
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Does she make any movements when you hear the noise? Or any other common denominator at all? In second grade, I amazed my classmates by making an odd rumbling noise--my secret was the washer board-texture rubber on my shoe, and the leg of the desk which had the perfect edge for rubbing it against.
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If you're in your 30's, I would think that you could just ASK her. Maybe I'm too blunt, but I would. Also, curious to know the answer.

I once (a long time ago) dated a man with a minor appendage defect. It took me a year to ask him about it, and I was glad I did. Ever since then, I haven't had any fear of asking pointed questions. If she told you about her affliction, then you shouldn't have qualms about asking her about he "vibration" noises.
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"Hey, did you hear that?"
"No, what?"
"Oh, it sounded like a vibrating noise, really close to you."
"Oh, that's my ________ I'm used to it. No need to worry."
"Ah, thanks for clearing that up."
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Medical equipment, pager, or remote controlled vibrator. Why not ask?
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Seconding a jackrabbit jumpin' all ove... nevermind.
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This thread is useless wthout audio. Please record and upload for analysis.
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I have Crohn's, and my stomach makes an audible noise that might sound like a vibration. I would assume that someone with coeliac might make a similar noise. I've gotten used to it, and ignore it, for the most part. If she doesn't mention it, she's probably used to it too; why not just ask her if you're that curious?
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I vote for borborygmi, since celiac disease is the only clue in the question.
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Maybe she's from the same planet as Gary Shandling?
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It probably says a lot about me that my first thought was "remote control vibrator"...
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In cases of refractory coeliac disease when a patient is not properly absorbing nutrients, intravenous feeding may be necessary. An ambulatory, battery powered infusion pump may be used which would release nutrients periodically through a catheter connected to a feeding bag hidden somewhere on her body - this might explain the noise.
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Is it possible she has an artificial heart valve?
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In the interest of full disclosure, I should have added that this question was asked by a friend of mine.

The answer, it turns out, is bruxism. She had been doing it for years.
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