Xbox live card refund?
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X-Box Live scratch and play cards: I scratched the code right off. Now what?

My fiance bought one of those subscription cards from Best Buy. It's like a phone card, except you scratch off the code cover to expose the code. The problem is that when he scratched off the code cover, the code went with it. Obviously, this has rendered it useless. He contacted Microsoft, who said they can't do anything about it. The card has another number next to the code, but I'm not sure what it is for or how unique it is to his specific card. He also has his receipt from Best Buy. He tried calling them, but was put on hold for too long. He checked the website, which only told him that iTunes cards are non-refundable. He is afraid this situation will be similar.

Is there anything we can do to un-waste these $20?
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If you are close to a Best Buy I would walk right in and complain.

The pther option is try MS a few times, likely you will find a person kind enough to help. Good Luck.
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this happened to me. Return it to the store if possible. MS support will tell you you're SOL.
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I'd bring the thing back and tell them the card was defective. How could they say differently. The code is not supposed to come off when you scratch it.
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This exact situation happened to me with the Xbox Live cards and I took it as a lesson not to use kitchen scissors to scratch off the code. He could try taking it back but I doubt they will allow it to be returned.
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Sorry to hear about this. I don't have much help to offer in regards to card replacement - but I have found that an eraser works very well for code-scratching.
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