School's in session - I need to take notes!
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I'm looking for the best combination of online/free software tools to keep notes during class lectures. Visual timeline, web clips, outline formatted text, etc. - the more options, the better. I know there have been similar questions before but hope there's a better answer out there than I've found before.

Right now I'm planning to use MS Word/Excel and a blog (vox) which is not designed for the purpose but will sorta accommodate my basic needs. I'd really love some better tools, though, esp. a scalable visual timeline that could be color-coded or tagged and used w/ variable specificity (some items are years only, some specific dates, some items have durations and others don't etc.) It seems like there are incredible organizational tools available (google calendar, backpack, etc) and there ought to be some piece of software that caters to the student's needs. I just don't know where to find it. (PS - if there isn't yet any software that meets these criteria, I might pay for a service that did)
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This was for small businesses but covers a lot of ground including lots of free choices.
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ooh, COOL! thank you! the timelines are awesome!
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