Drowing by the Dock of My Macbook
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Docking solutions for MacBook: DIY or non-Bookendz options?

In an effort to clean up the profile of my desk, I want to move my 13.3" white MacBook to the empty cabinet directly above my Cinema Display in my office desk/hutch. The Bookendz dock seems to be the only solution on the market by my Googling. But I find it to expensive and/or I'd rather there be more options. Any DIYers out there (without soldering experience) put together a makeshift docking station or know of any purchasable docks that could work with my MacBook?
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Well, the problem is that MacBooks aren't designed for docks. In order for a normal dock to function, the manufacturer has to "break out" signalling pins for those functions the dock must support. The MacBook has no such provisions - the ports you see are the ports you get. Unless you want to do some serious hacking/cutting/soldering/designing, there's just nothin' can be done.
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I'm not aware of any alternatives to the Bookendz. And the price really isn't bad, all things considered.

In theory, you could do this yourself. Soldering really isn't that hard and the various connectors aren't that hard to obtain. Constructing an enclosure that fits everything just-so would be fiddly, and the whole project would be time-consuming enough that you'd only come out ahead if A) you place no value on your time or B) enjoy projects like this for their own sake.

A quick-n-dirty alternative would be to plug all your regular cables into the Macbook and while plugged in, clamp or epoxy them to some kind of heavy plate, using standoffs or spacers as needed. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would be your easiest option for a dock-like creation.
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