How to round photo corners?
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how can i easily - and cheaply! - round corners of photos?

i was using a trial version of photoshop to create images that look like this. now my trial has expired and i am having a really hard time trying to find another way to do this. i am NOT a code person and i've found some resources that are supposedly simple but offer a paragraph of code and it all just makes me very, very confused. is there no easy way to do this?
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I think you can do this with picnik, but I can't check from work...
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In the Free The GIMP image editing program, you can accomplish this with a few simple steps:
  • Open an image
  • Select > Rounded Rectangle
  • Enter the radius you want; apparently it is percentage of image size, not a number of pixels
  • Click OK
  • Select > Invert (or ctrl+i)
  • Edit > Clear (or ctrl+k)
  • Save the image
I just tested these instructions on The GIMP 2.2.11 on Ubuntu Linux, but I think they should work no matter what operating system you have.
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A more direct link for GIMP is this. jepler's instructions can be followed to the letter for Windows, as well.
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Cheap, but not free, is PhotoShop Elements, which will do everything you will ever need with images and photos, as long as you don't need high end pro features. It's under $100 new, but even an old version will do all you need. Here's version 2 on ebay for under $20 including shipping.
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If you're not planning on making millions of them at once or something, feel free to use my phpThumbs install.[]=ric|20|20

where "20" is the size in pixels of the rounded corner (you can adjust horizontal and vertical separately with the two values).

Please save the resulting image, don't link to the dynamically created one!
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You can do this in Picnik as logic vs love linked to above. I think that might be one of the features that might become non-free once they're out of beta, so act fast!
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