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Fun things to do and cool places to go in Stockholm for a couple of adults with a couple of pre-teen children?
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Do not miss Skansen or the Vasamuseet. Both awesome for kids and adults alike.
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Looks like Stockholm has a Science and Technology museum. At some point teenagers are taught that science is hard and boring and stupid. But every kid I know loves science and doing experiments, and I always loved going to the Science museum as a child. They even have a hands on exhibit

Of course, I've never been, so it might be lousy. It's just that for the kid in me I always head for the science museum, no matter what the burg.
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A second vote here for the Vasa Museum. Try & see some of the city from the water: there are a number of hop-on/hop-off boat tours & inter-island ferries to choose from. And there's always the Gröna Lund funfair, which should amuse the youngsters.
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I second Skansen, especially for kids. I went to the Armemuseet (army museum) which was fascinating but depends on your kids. You can head out to Drottningholm, the palace, which was really pretty but a bus/train away, and there is also a small music museum (near the army museum) which was kind of odd but entertaining (especially for people brave enough to have a go at all the instruments they have in the testing rooms - tons of kids there having fun!). I have all my photos from my trip (october last year - freezing!) here, so you can see if anything looks particularly interesting. We thought it was worth getting the Stockholm card, which was where we found out about most of the museums. The medieval museum also sounded awesome but I didn't make it there. And finally, we had a good time just wandering around the streets in Gamla Stan, and of course water (canals!) is just always cool.
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They even have a hands on exhibit

I went to this particular exhibit 20 years ago. It was great fun then at least. Should be fun now as well.

I actually kind of enjoyed the Museum of modern art when I was a kid. Rauschenbergs goat and Dalis Wilhelm Tells Riddle were works I remember liking a lot.

There is an amusement park close to Skansen that is pretty small but still probably fun for kids. Some of the rides give great views of Stockholm.

Never saw what was so special about the Vasa Museum. It was just a big brown boat in a room and not much else.
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The Moderna Museet is great if your kids are into art. Gamla Stan ("Old Town") is fun to wander around (thought it's a bit overrun with tourists). It's a historic district full of little winding cobblestone streets, old-fashioned houses, cafes, and little shops. When I was there, the central square (Stortorget, just south of the cathedral) always had some sort of event -- marching bands, children's choirs, and so on. You can get a cup of hot chocolate and sit in the cafes that surround the square -- it's great people-watching.
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Response by poster: Thanks, people, and thanks jacalata for the pictures! Any more suggestions will be gratefully received. Bars/cafes/restaurants also of interest.
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Nthing Skansen and Vasamuseet. When we were there, we took a boat out to Drottningholm and that was a fun way to see the city and get out there. Also, my pre-teen son loved watching the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan. I really liked the Moderna Museet but my kids kind of ran out of steam. There is a replica of Duchamp's Large Glass, as well as some other pieces by him, there.
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Junibacken, The Royal Armoury. More kid friendly stuff here.
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As for cafes, the Moderna Museet actually has a nice cafe with a great view of the port.

And the Atrium inside the National Museum right on the other side of the bridge from the Moderna Museet is a really good restaurant.

Take a look at my photoset on Flickr, it's a more or less completely annotated recount of seven days in Stockholm. Maybe it can you give you a few ideas.
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Any more suggestions will be gratefully received. Bars/cafes/restaurants also of interest.

Please tell us where you'll stay and/or if you have any special interests. Lots of Bars/cafes/restaurants in Stockholm...
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Taking ferry ride out into the archipelago might be fun for you and the kids.
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If you're going soon before it gets too cold, definitely get out in the Archipeligo. Vaxholm is a short ferry ride away. I think the Vasa is the most visted museum and it's worth it. I wasn't expecting much, but it's interesting. The museum of modern art was great and is a short walk from the Vasa. Definitely go to the Saluhall food hall for lunch one day. Tons of prepared food and lunch counters. I think the Nobel Museum is in Gamla Stad. I was disappointed by it. It was small and was short on exhibits and long on videos and things to read. Town Hall (where the Nobel awards dinner is held) was more interesting to me. Incredible architecture. I took an overnight cruise to Tallinn, Estonia for about $40. It's cheaper than a hotel in Stockholm and you get to see one of the largest medieval cities.
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Stockholm is heaven for people who like musems. All the ones so far mentioned are wonderful. Don't miss the Army museum (sophisticated kids will get a kick out of the cultural implications of the diorama or tableau or whatever you call it at the entrance) or the City Museum, either. I've probably been to about half the museums on that list and there wasn't a dud among them.

And yes, you do want to get out there and see the archipelago. The overnight cruises Frank Grimes mentions are great, and Tallinn isn't the only destination. They're all interesting.

Hmm, just thinking about this is making me want to go back there.
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Make a trip to the Ulriksdal (just outside the city centre) and have a walk around Ulriksdal Palace. I was lucky enough to be there over last Christmas as my father-in-law lives in the park.

It's a beautiful location to walk around, and the palace tour is well worth the effort. The Ulriksdals Wärdshus restaurant is only five minutes walk from the palace, and is renowned as serving the best smorgasbord in Sweden - something I don't find hard to believe after eating there myself!

Also, go to Haga Park and see Gustav III's Pavilion. Again, a great walk and there's a small museum and restaurant within the fantastic Copper Tents ( the kids will love them) on site.
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