Recommend a CSA farm in Portland, please
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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms in Portland (Oregon.) There are a lot of them. Anyone have any particular recommendations for or against?

(CSA, for those who might have been wondering.)
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I'm in my second year with Sun Gold Farm, and I love them! They have a bunch of different pick up options through the week, though I get my share in downtown Portland on Saturday mornings.

This week I got:
five years sweet corn
two or three yellow summer squash
four or five cucumbers
dark green lettuce
six beets
10 pounds cabbage
three juicy peaches
big bunch basil
assorted hot peppers(ljalapenos, yellow hungarian wax, cream colored mariachi, and heart-shaped poblanos)
six red and yellow new potatoes
five tomatoes.

Earlier this year, I had the best blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and muskmelon of my life, along with eggplants, carrots, etc.

All that for $18 per week. The family also offers a discount on purchases of additional produce at their farm stand, though I've never needed to take advantage of it. They have one or two open houses each year at the farm. When their harvest of a particular crop is really big, they welcome people to come out and get more. And they send out a weekly e-mail about life on the farm, a list of the upcoming week's produce, and a couple of recipes.
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five ears corn, duh.
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Don't know, but the first farm on that list, 47th Ave farm, was started by one of my friends from college.
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47th Ave is pretty popular with restaurants. I believe Navarre gets most of their produce from 47th, and I love Navarre so I suppose that's a recommendation for the quality of their produce.
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