I want to buy plants in Austin.
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Looking for a good nursery in the Austin, TX area.

My wife and I want to buy some shrubs and flowers for our yard. We'd prefer to go to a local nursery and avoid the Home Depot and Lowes. Thanks in advance!
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When I lived in Austin, my favorite places were Big Red Sun on East 1st Street, Shoal Creek Nursery on Shoal Creek Blvd, and Gardens on West 35th. I know there are a couple places on 183 north of Mopac as well.

Now, by "my favorite places," I mean, "places where I would buy gift certificates for the folks I know who have actually green thumbs." I'm the opposite of a gardener, so another Austinite should weigh in here.

Paging mckenney... there's a call on the green courtesy phone for mckenney...

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In addition to Big Red Sun and Shoal Creek Nursery, I really like the Great Outdoors on South Congress. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The Natural Gardener on Old Bee Cave Rd. is fantastic. Sledd's nursery (on West Lynn, I believe) does a pretty good job, too.

Sadly, Floribunda, formerly on South Lamar and winner for my favorite name for a nursery ever, appears to have gone away, though rumor has it they'll be finding a new space this fall.
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And so, I appear. I buy most of my plants at Red Barn - they're more expensive than your local chain stores, but they've got better, larger plants, and everything I've planted has succeeded. Well, except for my magnolia, which is still up in the air, but I don't think it's their fault.

They've got a ton of selection, and I've always found them helpful, although sometimes a little hard to locate. Depending on where you are, it might be a bit of a drive since they're up north, but seriously, love them.

I have no personal experience, since I live in the northern sticks, but I have heard good things from both shoppers and ex-employees about It's About Thyme. And that's south.

There is some place on Congress that I am brainfarting about the name, and it seemed alright, although I think you will find the best selection of your traditional landscape plants at Red Barn.

Oh, on preview, it's the Great Outdoors. I suck.
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I wanna second (or third) The Great Outdoors and The Natural Gardener.
Especially if you are looking for natives and adapted plants.
It's pretty easy to find people with knowledge to share at those two stores.

Plantescapes is pretty good to browse for the occasional find, but small and expensive.

Don't discount the Lowe's type stores completely.
I heard word that Prides of Barbados were on sale there for $12 this weekend. Well adapted to the environment and usually ~$30.

Also, every year in the spring, there is a plant sale at the Zilker Botanical Garden and another at the Wildflower Center. We fill out our yard at those two every year.
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Natural Gardener (beware: annoying rooster sound). Hands down. They only sell natives, practice organic gardening, and have lots of great demo gardens for you to check out. Smart, knowledgable staff, too. It's worth the drive.
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