Things to do in Ibiza
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Things to do in Ibiza that are not clubbing and won't break the bank.

I'm taking my shy girlfriend to Ibiza next month for our first proper holiday together. She's 21 and I'm 24. We are staying in Es Cana.

Although Ibiza is pretty much a night-clubbers paradise it's not why we are going there. She's reasonable shy and doesn't drink, I can go clubbing when I'm in the mood but I'm not going to drag her out or leave her at the hotel while I do so.

What else is there to do in Ibiza? So far we plan to sunbathe, swim, and make damn good use of the bed and all the surfaces in out hotel room :) There must be more to do!?

Bonus points if anyone can find somewhere we can swim with dolphins!
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The little capitol town is cool to see. There's an old church, and it's way up on a hill, so there's nice views up there. Very quiet, quaint vibe, no party people around when we were there.

FWIW, my wife and I visited Ibiza with a friend of ours who used to live there, so she knew the place pretty well. The beach was very nice, but we were there kind of late in the season, so it was a bit chilly. We went to one nightclub and hated it. It was scuzzy, as were many of the people there... completely wasted, lost looking and dirty. And we're not anti-club people either. Just was a kind of sad, grimy scene IMO.

We were only there a couple days and only saw one club. Maybe there's cool ones, just giving my opinion.
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Take a short boat trip over to Mallorca to see glass-blowing in the south and the stations of the cross on some steep cliffs in the North
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