Find me a content management system that can hide posts!
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Find me a content management system that can hide posts!

I'm looking to install a simple Blog/Content Management System to create a blog which will hide certain posts or categories from unregistered users, and ideally allow some users to view all posts, and other registered users to view some posts. A lot like LiveJournal's friends-post system.

I've installed Movable Type and Wordpress, but neither of them seem to do the job. So any suggestions? :)
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Expression Engine will do this.
posted by dobbs at 6:34 AM on August 20, 2007

Plone is probably overkill but can also do this.
posted by uandt at 6:45 AM on August 20, 2007

You can do it in Wordpress with this plugin. And I'm pretty sure there's a way to hack it with MT, although possibly not with fine-grained level control.

Fancier CMSs like Drupal excel at this kind of thing, but are probably a poor match for your needs in other ways.
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Joomla too. You can configure the settings so that members and non members can view the content you choose.
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Expression Engine.
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Here's a link to ExpressionEngine. Note you have to pay for it, but there is a feature lite version for free.
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For MT, I'd say look for TypeKey plugins. I know someone wrote one a couple years ago that required readers to login to read posts and you could put readers on a white-list for who got to see it.
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