Looking for stand made out of paper and obscure envelope.
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Papercraft! Looking for two obscure things made from paper.

For a little self-promotion thing that I am throwing together. The first thing is something like a 'Plate Easel'. Check out the hinged examples here and here

Basically I need something that can be folded flat, with the footprint of about the size of a postcard, then assembled and hold up something the size of a postcard :)

The second thing is a small negative envelope. Sort of like the one shown here, but much smaller. Like business card size. To hold, wait for it, a business card.

I could easily make a dieline for both of these things and have them printed, but I would like to avoid that cost if possible, so if anyone knows anyplace in the world where I could possibly procure one of these items, I will shower you with rubies. Bonus rubies for outlets in Australia.
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Off the top of my head, for the business cards, you might want to look into Credit Card Sleeves, which I happened across on one of the sites you link to.

Let me see if I can't find something for your 'Plate Easel.'
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Best answer: Ok... As far as the Plate Easel Post Card Easel goes, Why not create one of these yourself? You can laugh at my work if you want, but I am dealing with a lack of resources here. Here are a couple of pictures of a Post Card Easel I just created with some regular multi-use office paper. If you used card stock the easel would be 100x stronger.
Take an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of say 65lb card stock and cut 2" off the width. - We now have a 6 1/2" x 11".

Fold it in half.

Now fold the two edges about 3/4".

Open it up and make adjustments so the back flap sits flat and the front flap holds your card.
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Response by poster: This was a total lifesaver and you shall receive a lifetime supply of precious stones. If you would like to see the result of your help, email me at the address in my profile for a photo!
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