Underage grindhouse movie viewing
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One or two movies I remember seeing when I was at most 7. CAn you help me identify them?

The first scene I remember is of a man and a woman swimming naked in a giant wooden pool. A guy on a motorcycle wearing a skull for a mask rides up and the woman talks to him.

The second scene takes place on a subway car or something. A cop has a guy at gunpoint but the guy punches him in the chest and rips out his still-beating heart. At a different point in the film, there is a guy ripping his head in half to reveal a giant cobra head!
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Might help if we knew how old you are?
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Best answer: The second one is definitely Dreamscape.
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City Limits (cheeseball, post-apocalyptic, 1980s) was my first thought for the first one, though I don't know if there's any nudity in that.
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Best answer: Definitely City Limits. See this.
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Best answer: Dreamscape for the second, without a doubt. Here's an image of the cobra-man, and here's an image from the train scene.
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