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I need a new USB KVM switch.

Actually, I only need a keyboard+mouse switch, as I use Synergy once my systems are booted.

My old IOGear GCS632U hated my Saitek keyboard, so I switched to an apple G4 keyboard. I've just replaced the old G4 keyboard with the new aluminum iMac keyboard, and the new keyboard won't talk through the IOGear KVM.
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i use a belkin kvm switch i bought from the apple store. it's meant to match the dimensions (width and length) of a mac mini, incidentally. it uses usb for the mouse and keyboard, and incidentally also switches sound as well. of course it also has a monitor connection...
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Wish I could be more helpful, but I've had two IOGear GCS632U switches crap out suddenly in the past 8 months. I'm not the least bit surprised to hear you're having trouble.
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2nd Belkin.
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