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What other song does this golden guitar-line from the new Jens Lekman album remind me of?

Ignore the harp, strings and drums!

I am going CRAZY every time I hear this repeating guitar-line, as it reminds me very strongly of a similar guitar-line from a song I can't put my finger on. A late-90s radio hit? Something from the 80s, even? For a sec I thought maybe it was The Cure but I don't think that's the case.

(If you think you've figured it out, bonus point if you can point me to a recording/sample of the given song for confirmation.)
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You aren't thinking of Hanson, are you? My deepest apologies if you're not. Or are.
posted by sageleaf at 4:41 PM on August 19, 2007

Response by poster: "MMmbop"? Hmmm.... Might well be! Will have to think about it.
posted by Marquis at 5:08 PM on August 19, 2007

I can't nail it down but it sounds like something from a commercial or film. I'm pretty sure I've heard that little hook somewhere accompanied by some vocal like, "when I think of love" or some such.
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"Just like heaven", The Cure?
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The first thing I thought of before checking the thread was "Just Like Heaven," too -- at least the progression. So take that for what it's worth. I also made sleepy pete listen to it blind and he knew it was Jens, but just thought it sounded like him, not anyone else. Man, do we love that guy.

(and psst, if you are ready for that comp, just let me know dear Marquis!)
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I definitely heard mMm-BoP.
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