Shipping Large Screen TV
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How can I Ship a 42" LCD Flat Planel TV from Ohio to California? and also shipping a used car from California to Ohio.

I do have the original box... but It would still need some TLC for shipping. What would be the easiest and cheapest to ship this TV? and about how much would it cost? and I have to ship a used compact car from California to Ohio..... so far the cost was around $1000.. the car is worth $6000....
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Response by poster: Basically I am doing a friendly trade with a family member.
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Best answer: Take the tv to your local ups store, have them box it, and insure it for the value...

the car... call a car shipper...
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Best answer: We're shipping a car from DC to LA with DAS Auto Shippers - I can't recommend them yet, because it hasn't happened yet, but it's going to cost about $600. They have a quick quote form on their website.
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depending on the size involved, you may be able to secure the TV inside the car?

with enough foam and blankets it's plausable.
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seconding Industrial PhD. I think your best bet would be to seatbelt the tv in the backseat with lots of cushiony goodness. Then use a car shipper.
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Industrial, Wile: the car and the TV are going in opposite directions.
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You know, what I could do is just drive the car out there, then fly Skybus back. Probably cheaper than shipping, I'd guess.
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Response by poster: Greatly thankful to cabintheocean.. for DAS shipper info..
the price is unbelivable... although i will have to see what the final REAL cost would be.. But.. it is bestest automatic estimate i got from any website. thanks
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College is starting. Post on craigslist for a college student from Ohio who goes to school in California to drive it for you. Pay for gas, meals and lodging. College kid gets stuff to California. You get your car there. Win-win.
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Damn it, I meant what YOU could do. I wasn't trying to look for a driving/shipping gig. (I start school on Sept 19th in Ohio, no time!)
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Best answer: RE: DAS Auto Shipping. We used them to ship our 2003 Galant from southern California to north Florida in May. No hidden costs, good price, and the car got here without a scratch. It did arrive 2 days later than the estimated delivery date.

I did some pretty extensive research about car shippers and came across a lot of reviews. There's plenty of people with bad experiences out there, that's for sure. I figured the people with the most motivation to post reviews would be people who had problems and rolled the dice on DAS. Turned out to be the best moving investment I made.

Your experience may vary. Good luck!
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