Find post code with latitude & longitude.
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Find post code with latitude & longitude.

Is anyone aware of a webpage where i can find international postcodes using latitude and longitude coordinates? (the google earth format)

Specifically, I am trying to find Spanish postcodes. I have an excel file with 1200 addresses and would love to find some program to help me find the post codes....
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Well, the information exists, because these guys have it (but you'd have to buy it from them).
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Here you go, freeware.
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If you already have the postcodes, then maporama will give you the latitude and longitude (underneath the map).

(The way you phrase your question indicates that you want to go in the other direction, which AFAIK is not possible using Maporama, but independent of the phrasing it seems to me a lot more likely that your 1200 addresses have the postcode but not the L&L, rather than the opposite!)
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Response by poster: thanks beagle. that freeware program would be great, but only has the lat/long for almeria, one of the spanish communities.

yeah, it's weird that i have lat/long but not zip(post) code. that is because i batch geocoded the addresses.

i'm frustrated that i cant use this info to get post codes and i feel like there should be some easy way to do it...
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Interesting problem. Some googling brought up GeoNames, which has "Find nearby postal codes / reverse geocoding" service.
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I don't know how complete your addresses are, but if they contain everything but the post code, Maporama might still do the trick.
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