Where can I find a simple-yet-fashionable, hooded coat?
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I've never been fond of coats, and usually stick out the winter shivering in sweaters, but I recently spotted a nice coat in a magazine ad. I contacted the company, but the ad was for shoes, and they couldn't give me any information on the coat. So I'm looking for a similar coat ...

Here are some very poor pictures, but it's the best I could come up with. What kind of coat is it, what material is that, and where online can I find something along the same lines? I'm really not a coat person, but any help to keep me warm this winter would be greatly appreciated.
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Was the ad by the shoe company, or an editorial spread in the magazine? if it's editorial, the magazine could tell you where the coat is from. Otherwise, the stylist from the photo shoot should be able to tell you.
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Looks like wool tweed. The shape looks more like a cloak or long cape, so maybe a search for wool tweed womens hooded cloak on Google would turn something up.
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It may also be referred to as a 3/4 length a-line coat.
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According to the website, the stylist for their fall campaign was Georgia Alexandra Davis. She has an e-mail on her website, and perhaps she can put you in touch with the designer of the coat, or at very least their PR firm. Someone will know what coat was used - it's their job.
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It's a herringbone tweed. Here's something in a similar style, but without the hood. I really like that hood though, hope you can find it.
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Try looking for a Swing Coat.
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