Help me design a personalized baby sleeper
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Help me decide what to embroider on a baby sleeper for my new nephew.

I've got a baby sleeper with long sleeves and legs and snaps up the middle. Similar to this in style, but plain white (no print on the fabric). I want to personalize it with embroidery, but am having trouble making up my mind. I have until mid-October when my nephew is due to finish it.

Ideas so far:
* My Auntie [Happyturtle] loves me!
* Nephew's name across the chest (which means when the snaps are open, his name will be split in two, which will give two nonsense words. Which isn't really a problem, just something for me to keep in mind)
* Nephew's name across the bottom
* [Niece's name]'s little brother. (My niece is 4 years old, and though very excited about being a big sister is also very likely to react badly to not being the center of mommy's attention anymore)
* Understated version: any of the above stitched in small letters on the collar
* I've seen lots of cute things on baby clothing sites, like 'Love' on the front and 'Stinks' on the bottom. It would be cute and funny, but not personalized. Any ideas for cute/sweet/funny *and* personalized are most welcome.

I can pretty much embroider any type of line art that I can sketch or trace onto the outfit, so am not averse to adding simple designs like hearts or stars or an outline of a car or puppy or something.

Any ideas? If you're a parent, what would make you think 'Wow, she really put a lot of thought into this... I love it!'
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I'd advise against using names to personalize it, because people like to give baby clothes to friends (or use as hand-me-downs), especially considering how short a time the child will actually wear it. This is why kids' clothing resale is a huge game on ebay, etc. If a kid can only wear it for two months and has 12 other jumpers to wear, likelihood is he might only wear it a few times.

I would recommend something that the parents would appreciate (since they're the ones who'll enjoy it, and the photos of him in it for years to come). Maybe an inside joke you share, or part of a word to a song they like?
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I don't think my sister would sell something I made for her, so I'm not worried about its resale value.
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NAME across the front, and NAME'S BUM on the bum.

A pair of hands on the bum in goatse position, if they're webdorks.

If they like the Simpsons, an up arrow and "FOOD GOES IN HERE" on the front, and dye it blue like Maggie's. Or, just "BORT"


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Brilliant, ROU_Xenophobe... that's exactly the kind of thing I was trying to come up with :)
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They aren't webdorks at all, but he works in the medical profession, so I'm thinking a biohazard symbol on the bum would be funny.
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"all the girls love me"
"made in [name of hometown]"
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"I tore mommy a new one"
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How about a nickname of your devising? Chances are, it'll stick. Like Callapiller, Teddy or Peanut or something?
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chiming in late because we have a brand-new baby here
If I were of an only slightly different temperament, I'd want something on the BACK of a sleeper that'd stop me from answering strangers' same questions over and over. You know:

NAME (+ if name "Robin," gender)
Xlbs Xoz
Yes, (s)he IS beautiful. Thank you.
Very tired and happy.
(TINY stitches) Vaginal. Morphine. Thirty hours.
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