Trying to find a specific pair of stretchy Starter shorts!
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Anyone know where to buy these simple Starter stretchy shorts? Here's what they look like.

I bought a pair at Walmart a little more than a year ago and loved them. I left them at my cousin's last month (really far away from home) and have since been looking to buy another pair, but, save for the above webpage, I haven't been able to find them anywhere — locally or online! Has anyone seen these around? They haven't stopped making them have they?! They're seriously my favorite shorts. =P Thanks, all!
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Oh - just a really quick clarification. I think it comes in at least 3 colors (navy, black, silver), is really shiny, and is pocketless. They are the stretchiest shorts I've ever seen - I could stretch the ends down from my knees to my ankles if I wanted to. Appreciate any help anyone could give!!
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Aren't these basically the same thing?

Only place I've seen Starter shorts is Wal-Mart... my understanding is that Starter is Nike's "value" brand and is sold at discount stores. Anyway, Wal-Mart's web site is replete with Starter shorts made out of stretchy polyester.
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have you tried dick's sporting goods?
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