I'm a Luckey Cat!
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Please help me find a picture of a specific Hello Kitty sticker.

I had a sheet of Hello Kitty stickers. If memory serves, it was either clear or white, and HK herself was dressed in light blue and light green. I admit I could be wrong about the colors. One of the stickers had the word "luckey" underneath it (yes, spelled "luckey").

I have tried googling, I have tried every image search engine I can think of, I have sifted through thousands of flicker images. Can't find the page in this house wherever it is and I can't even find a picture of it.

If you know where I can find a good picture of it -- either of the whole page or just of the "luckey" Hello Kitty -- please please tell me where. If you actually have the sticker, could you please take a nice digital picture and either post it online someplace or email it to me?

Thanks in advance, Hive-mind. You're my only hope.
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I don't have a picture, but you might look on e-bay. There are tons of hello kitty stickers for sale.
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I have a Hello Kitty fan as a friend, but she hasn't seen this particular series. Good luck, but I don't have much hope for you as there are hundreds of Sanrio stickers on the market at any given time, and the lineup seems to change multiple times per season.
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