Cheap and tasty dim sum in Los Angeles
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Good--and cheap!--dim sum in Los Angeles?

Looking for some good dim sum in L.A and north O.C. If the prices are low, that would be great. We want to eat a lot and spend a little. But I don't want to go to a really cheap, seedy place that doesn't trim the fat off the meats and uses too much oil. It doesn't have to be a place that has tons of options, because I can't bring myself to eat many of the delicacies like duck's feet, etc.
What are your best suggestions?
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ocean seafood in chinatown.
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My personal favorite is Ocean Star. I typically go by myself on Sunday morning to read the Sunday times. I have a big appetite, and $20 fills me up and gives me a few tasty snacks to take home. Best har gow around and the tea is good as well.

Citysearch has their best of 2007 here. I've also eaten at Empress Harbor and NBC on the list, and both are good. I've heard good things about Empress Pavilion but never been there.
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Seconding Ocean Star, and adding 888. Both are excellent places for dim sum. Expect lines, though--everybody else knows they're good, too.
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The NY Times had an article about dim sum and other Chinese delights in Alhambra, Montebello, and the San Gabriel Valley a while back: link.
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Ocean Seafood gets my enthusiastic second...though the wait for a weekend brunch can be long.
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In the 15+ years I've been going to Empress Pavilion, I've never managed to spend more than $10 per person. And the food is awesome. The lines are long, but that's part of the experience.

If you get too hungry while you're waiting for your table, they have a take out section right next door.
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Triumphal Palace on Main Street in Alhambra is excellent. Probably the best I've ever had. Recently did a very large meal, $32 for three people. It's busy on weekends.
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Oh shit, I just looked at that NYT article mdonley linked to. Yeah, the dumplings at Triumphal Palace are just out of this world.
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New Capital Seafood is my favorite, with an elegant room, delicious and varied dim sum, and very cheap bills. It's recently moved to the old Sam Woo space on the top of the Great Mall of China, at Del Mar and Valley. Don't miss the flower tea, Japanese eggplant, porridge and the yellow custard buns.

Also, maybe don't miss the weird, witty deep fried replica sushi dim sum.
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Scram writes "It's recently moved to the old Sam Woo space on the top of the Great Mall of China, at Del Mar and Valley."

When did Sam Woo go? I feel like I was there not so long ago...
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