Playing soccer in a pick-up game around Somerville/Cambridge, MA?
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I'm looking to play soccer regularly, and live in Somerville, MA. Weekday evenings or weekends. Where should I look?

I've looked at which seems set up for this purpose, but the most recent game listed there apparently no longer runs.

I'm sure there must be other games around. If anyone is looking for players for a regular pick-up game, I'm waving with both arms to be seen. :)
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Do you have any kind of connection to the big Brazilian community in Somerville? There must be some pretty amazing players just hanging around the Union Square area.
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There are very serious games going on at Danehy Park in Cambridge. Not sure how open they are to new players. Once school starts, you may find some regular pick-up games in and around Tufts. If you have a bike, try riding around on Saturday mornings to the various parks.
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Oops, also meant to mention The Boston Strikers, which runs practices and games at Danehy Park, too.
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Pick-up Soccer Meetups in Cambridge and Somerville.

Also -- Cambridge Soccer Pick-Up Group.
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here is a page of various soccer leagues in mass. of all these leagues, this one seems like it might be best.
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there are frequently games going in foss park in somerville. the lack of uniform jerseys on most of the guys makes me think it's mostly pickup, but if it's not, but i'd guess the folks there might be able to suggest pick-up games. (knowledge of portugese likely a plus)
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oh, also the davis square and somerville ma livejournal communites might be good places to ask around as well.
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Foss Park always has people playing. It doesn't always look like an organization. Might want to swing by there.
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The Irish Village pub in Brighton sponsors a soccer team. Asking around there might give you some leads. In fact, a few pubs frequented by Irish ex-pats have information about soccer leagues posted.
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Response by poster: Many thanks for these replies.

No, I don't have any connection to the Brazilian community nearby unfortunately, but I have considered rocking up to one of their games if I knew where they were. Thanks to all for the specific tips. I'm investigating.
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