Tigers Or Yankees Bars On The North Side Of Chicago?
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Where can I go this afternoon in Chicago to watch the Tigers/Yankees baseball game?

I'm a die hard Tigers fan living in Chicago and thanks to Fox, I can't watch my team play the Yankees this afternoon in the comfort of my own home. Where in Chicago can I go to see this game? I would prefer to watch with other Tigers fans, but I can tolerate Yanks fans for an afternoon. The closer to Andersonville and/or Wrigleyville the better, but I'm willing to travel.
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You have FOX Saturday Baseball policy to thank, but there is no where you can go to watch it. The only way to watch it would be to subscribe to MLB.TV and bypass their filtering with a proxy server that allowed MLB to think you were watching from outside the United States.

FOX broadcasts baseball exclusively until 7pm on Saturdays, no game that starts before then is available to any bar or satellite subscriber in the United States if it's not being broadcast by the local FOX affiliate.
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Response by poster: Argh? Really. I knew that I couldn't watch it as part of my Extra Innings package, but bars with satellite dishes and what not can't watch it either? That stinks.
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