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I want to send a video on CD to an unsophisticated user of a Macintosh computer.

The video is currently in Flash format (video.flv). Will a native-utilities-only installation of OS X have something that will play this video for him? If not, what video formats besides QuickTime will an abolutely stock Macintosh computer play?

I'm not sure what version of OS X he'll have -- probably not the latest and greatest.)
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Try a demo of VisualHub.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 5:07 PM on August 17, 2007

(VisualHub will convert from Flash to QuickTime (MP4).)
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What video formats, besides QuickTime, can applications packaged with the OS be relied upon to play? The user cannot install software. (Trust me on this.)
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Any chance you could upload the file to youtube or something similar? This would allow them to simply use their web browser.
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I don't think you can rely on anything not playable by QuickTime. This includes, at least: nearly all AVI codecs, Flash (FLV), Real, and Windows Media.

You may want to, therefore, convert to MP4, before burning to CD.
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No Web allowed. To be precise: The user is cognitively impaired (aka mentally retarded). It is a minor miracle that he can use the computer at all. He knows how to stick a CD in the CD drive. What video formats will autoplay on a Mac?
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Blazecock Pileon just in with the answer. Thanks!
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iSquint will let you encode to MP4 for free, without the 2-minute time limit in the VisualHub demo. Quality is excellent.
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Thanks, PITW, but I'm trying to make something readable for people with Macs from out in the PC universe, and iSquint is a Mac application.

I've been playing with a neighbor's OS X laptop this evening and it looks like QuickTime variants are the only video formats you can count upon preinstalled for playback in the Mac universe.

(Mac people: This can be overcome by installing VLC player -- it's just not an option in my situation.)
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You only need an FLV player, and there are lots of free ones, such as this one.
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Why does it need to be on a computer? Why not just made a DVD?
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made make
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