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When I import my 700 bookmarks into they are automatically set to "not shared." I understand this is to prevent spam, and I have been unable to find an alternative to manually setting each link to "share." Is there a solution I have overlooked? Or, is there a cooler/niftier alternative to that I should be using instead? Thank you.
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Turn private saving off.
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Response by poster: I actually deleted my account, re-registered, turned off the privacy setting, and re-imported my bookmarks, which were all set to "not shared" because of a privacy and anti-spam policy set by delicious.

I'm looking for either a different bookmarking app that has a viable workaround, or a hack for delicious at this point.
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Response by poster: oh, and fwiw I am using os x 10.4.
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Best answer: You can ask on the discussion group if there have been any advances on this recently.

If you can program you can use the API to re-post all of your bookmarks with the private option off.
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Best answer: Ma.gnolia is how I roll these days. They do a bunch of things right, like permalink for every bookmark, ratings, thanking, logging in via OpenID, groups (public and private) and their tech support rocks.
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Best answer: (puts on hat.) hi everyone! we're working on a bulk-editing tool that will allow you to share bunches of bookmarks at once -- we've realized that this is a necessary feature despite our original reasons for leaving it out. i worry a little that mass-sharing can enable people to quickly and easily share more than they intended (forgotten porn bookmarks deep inside old folders?), but people will be able to decide that for themselves...

anyway, some people have used this third-party scripted re-mark tool to share their bookmarks, but it's not officially endorsed and i haven't tested it myself. :)
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Response by poster: Thanks. I found the scripted re-mark tool but it can't see any of my bookmarks that are set to "private", ironically. I look forward to the new tool, and will use Magnolia while I wait.
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Best answer: Oh happy day — the new Delicious is here
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