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What's happening in Chicago end of Sept?

A friend of mine and three of his friends are visiting Chicago on Sept. 27th for about five days. All guys, late twenties, early thirties. What's to see and do? He's in the restaurant business, so hot bistro tips would be appreciated. Expense is not a concern.
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Lula Cafe.

CTA: Blue Line (O'Hare branch) to Logan Square.

Best place ever.
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SECOND for Lula Cafe.


And Ecclectic!
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If he's interested in farmers markets, he might like to stop in at the Green City Market. It's on Wednesday and Saturdays. Get there early. 7.30am is best. It's all downhill from there.

So many good restaurants to recommend, but one low-key place that has never disappointed me and usually flies under the radar is First Slice.
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me3dia's own Gaper's Block is also a good resource for things to do.

As for food: I haven't been able to get a reservation at Scylla, so I think it's still hot. I very much enjoyed both Green Zebra and Sweets and Savories this year. Skip Frontera--it's crowded and overrated. Tepultalco has one of best tequila lists I've ever encountered and you can eat crickets there and take salsa lessons and eat some exceptionally yummy cajeta.
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I've been to Scylla, I think it's an excellent choice. Another option is Schwa, a place I've been unable to get reservations at. X'ing the Lula recommendation, you'll have to wait for brunch, but it's much better than the Bongo Room, and worth the wait. Also, there's a great place on Fullerton "Fonda Del Mar." I've eaten there several times and have yet to be disappointed.
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Good music, too.

Ryan Adams. The Mekons.

Details here, along with food reviews and other events.
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Response by poster: Great answers, all. Thank you.
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hot doug's. http://www.hotdougs.com
it's not a bistro like you asked for, but i think it should be on the radar for any food industry person's visit. check out his daily specials.
Lula Cafe and Hot Doug's are the two places i always make sure i visit when i'm back in Chicago.
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Check out . A few years ago most of the best posters on Chowhound Chicago moved here.
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Link didn't work - LTH Forum
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