How to find Pentel RSVP fine point pens
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Where can I find Pentel RSVP Fine Point pens for cheap?

They don't sell them at Staples, I can't find them online. Are they out of stock?
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Big Lots.
I actually prefer RSVP Med Point and can't find them anywhere. I went there and ALL the pens I love were like 2 bucks, rather than 6-10. I couldn't believe it
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Office Depot, or
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A quick google for 'pentel rsvp fine point' shows that Staples sells them, as well as many other retailers.

$11.49 for a dozen.
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I used to be able to find them at Target, but they probably won't be able to beat the bulk price.
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I believe OfficeMax sells both kinds, I had to choose between the two the other day. Can't remember the price, sorry.
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This is my second favorite kind of pen for carrying around in my pocket (read: easily replaceable, not bankbreaking). The first is a Pilot G2. I get them in megabulk at costco.
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