What graphic design book to buy?
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If I buy only one intro book on graphic design, what should it be?

For marketing and technical documents, and web pages for a start-up. Thanks.
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Yep, The Non Designer's Design Book. It does a great job of introducting the basic principles.
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Thirding The Non Designer's Design Book. The "Joshua Tree Story" in the introduction, and the C.R.A.P. method are worth the price of the book. I continue to refer back to that book regularly and share the Joshua Tree Story often. And I find myself often hoping that my designs are C.R.A.P. :)
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I got this little book called The Non Designer's Design Book. Fancy that.
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I teach graphic design as part of a college yearbook course. I make all my designers read "The Non Designer's Design Book." It's a fun, informative read. You'll love it.
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It's pretty much unanimous. Thanks, y'all!
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(I was going to ask a similar question, so thanks from me, too!)
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If you can afford only one, I concur with the recommendations for The Non-Designer's Design Book. If you can afford two, two graphic design books, ah ah ah, John McWade's "Before & After" books are great. There are two of them: one for page design and one for business graphics; pick the one that best suits your needs. McWade illustrates graphic design principles by taking real newsletters, business cards, etc. designed by amateurs (i.e., non-designers who got roped into doing design work) and showing how to remake them to look good. Of course if you just ape him your stuff will end up looking exactly like his, and his style is really kind of bland (but professional), but by studying his examples closely, you can learn how a seasoned designer applies the principles in the Williams book.
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How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul - covers the business side of it. Absolutely incredible book.
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