Get your hands off my mannequin! Need to find an old Axe body spray commercial!
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I'm looking for an Axe commercial from a few years ago. A girl sprays a mannequin with Axe, takes a big whiff and walks away. Enter another girl who smells him, then proceeds to incessentantly grope the mannequin. Orginial sprayer girl comes back and snaps "Get your hands off may MAN-nequin." Hilarious. Where, oh where, can I find it? Youtube and Google seem to be failing me.
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In the UK (and maybe EU) Axe is called Lynx. Try doing a search under that name?
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This one is not exactly as you describe, but it seems related.
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I managed to find this commercial but unfortunately it was on a website which I believe is embedding video without permission from a paid subscription website. That subscription website is the Cannes Lions Archive but it is quite pricey.
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I loved that ad too... the only Axe ad I haven't found offensive. I'm very surprised it's not on youtube... I can't do a search right now.

It mght help to know that the line is (I think) "I *know* you ain't touchin' my mannequin!"
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