text entry problem with safari
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I cannot enter text with the Safari browser, in the main window (like to login into any site or post a comment here) with the keyboard, though I can enter text in the URL and search bars. Also, I can cut and paste text within a field, just not type it in, the cursor does blink and highlighting text to cut works as normal. Strange!

Searching, I found a little information regarding the Webkit browser (I think based on Safari's code or vice versa) here and here, but those aren't very recent and aren't actually Safari bugs. I've upgraded to 3.0.3 beta to see if that fixed it from 2.04 but no change. I tried deleting the files com.apple.Safari.plist as well as the contents of Library/Safari. Operating system is OS X 10.4.10 and completely up to date. I normally use Firefox so this isn't a huge issue but I occasionally need Safari and would like to be able to use it normally. Any additional ideas would be appreciated, or a way to do a fresh install of Safari.
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Look in /Library/InputManagers and ~/Library/InputManagers. Relocate anything you find in there.
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Thanks! Under ~/Library/InputManagers there was a file called Info and removing that fixed the problem. It was associated with SIMBL, something I believe I'd installed with PithHelmet awhile back when I was seeing if I wanted Safari to be my main browser. I'd already removed PithHelmet and just now deleted SIMBL.
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