Places to tie up some time (and myself) in Bermuda
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Places to tie up some time (and myself) in Bermuda. What to do and where to go? Big explanation and a 2-part question with potentially NSFW topics and links inside.

My partner/photog and I will be in Bermuda for 4 days in September. Every time we go away, we try to get at least one photoset of me shot in a real cool/exotic/unique/pretty/interesting/out-of-the-way location. We have been very lucky finding these kinds of locations on virtually every other tropical place we’ve been to. A volcanic beach on the non-touristy side of Cozumel. An abandoned wharf in St. Thomas. A long stretch of a flawless white beach in a remote area of Tortola. The list goes on.

The way we usually do it is we rent a car, explore to our hearts content (while simultaneously taking in all the sites), make notes about the cool places we find then come back the next day or later in the day for the photo session. Although it is not an “X” rated photo session, it is definitely NSFW. Nothing you wouldn’t see in an “R” rated movie, but adult themed none-the-less. That is why we always go to a private place far away from any people.

I know renting a car is out in Bermuda, so, does anyone have any thoughts on locations (indoor or outdoor) that I could utilize on this trip? Specifics please.

Bonus question. When I’m in a new place, I HATE to eat in chain restaurants and the tourist hangouts. What eateries do the locals frequent? Again, specifics, please. And is there anything that is absolutely "must-see / must-experience"

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out this damsel-in-distress!

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I scootered in Bermuda (from here). I don't know any out of the way locations myself, but ask any local and they'll give you the heads up - and the scooters can take you there. Enjoy the shoot.
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you might want to look into nudist and/or gay spots...there's usually more privacy, and the regulars may be able to give you better advice on a secluded spot than the average guy on the street.
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Uhm, I guess I'm not understanding teh question, as you've elected to go to BERMUDA. Are you looking for X-rated golf, or kinky Victorian tea at the Hamilton Princess? Or did you want to buy pastel polo shirts with HAMILTON written on them? De facto, you've elected a squaky clean tourist destination. A BEAUTIFUL one that really does have some phenomenal pink beaches and really chill caves and local spots for shark hash, but a major tourist place.

Having said that, there are some great rocky cliffs, with like steps carved into them, overlooking some shallow lagoons. I've found some out-of-the-way little rocky beaches to skinnydip and sunbathe naked, and I can see a kind of washed up siren look going well there.
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