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I'm trying to find a recipe for BBQ ribs that involves apple juice

I've made it in the past, and I remember having to simmer the ribs in apple juice, along with bay leaves and other aromatics. This essentially cooks the ribs at a slow pace, where you will then only have to throw them on the grill with BBQ sauce to 'brown them' (as opposed to 'char'). I originally found the recipe from (don't laugh) Martha Stewart. She had a friend/guest named Jane Heller make the ribs (the recipe is technically Heller's). I have spent *hours* looking for this freaking recipe online.

Of course, I could've spent the same amount of time hunting through boxes in the basement for the same recipe. But being a computer sloth with a bad back, I'm going to the Great Hive instead.

Help! I'm having company on Saturday and I want to make the ribs, dammit.

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Here's 17 recipes for "ribs" that have apple juice as an ingredient:

From the best damn cooking site on the net!
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Alton Brown's Rib recipe would work with apple juice. It involves slowly braising the ribs and then broiling them quick to carmelize the sugars.
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Forgot to mention - it's NOT a dry rub recipe.
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Anecdote: Grandma's BBQ sauce uses peaches as its sweetening ingredient, (partly) instead of the brown sugar that's common in many recipes. The fruit flavor is subtle but unmistakabe. Improvise!
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Seconding muddylemon. I regularly make those ribs using Alton's recipe, just substituting good apple juice for white wine. I just throw them on the grill instead of under the broiler and it works beautifully.
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