Diy wifi setup issues
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I'm Looking to do some fairly custom wireless setups in my area and I have no idea of a place that would supply everything I need for cheap. I live in Canada so this location needs to ship to Canada preferably located in Canada. Basically I need: -Really Low loss cable for wifi 802.11. (i have heard LMR-400 is good for 10foot lengths or so) -RP-TNC connectors -MC-card connectors -N-male connectors -N-female Chasis mounts In total im hoping to result in about 4-6 cables. I'm really hoping for a one stop shop but if i have to order from more than one place to get this cheaper thats fine too.

I've been having issues finding what I need for a while I ordered some pigtails that are MMCX to N-male that are completely useless to me because the Senao card I have on my laptop uses MC-Card.
Everyone locally keeps trying to tell me my wrt54gl also takes N-type BNC or N-male and its obviously not the connector I need to attach my Custom antennas to the router via "pigtail". needless to say its been quite the irritating endeavor.

I don't mind buying pre-made cables because I've never made a wifi cable before and i don't want any unnecessary signal loss but I prefer to not have to rely on pre made stuff so I almost want a bluk supplier.

Ultimately I need these cables:
MC-card to N-Male approx 10' long 2x
RP-TNC to N-male approx 10' long 2x
and these adaptors
N-Female Chasis Mounts 6x

Any tips?
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Graybar, HSC Electronics.
posted by iamabot at 10:31 AM on August 16, 2007

Do you have any ham radio stores in your area?
posted by hattifattener at 12:03 PM on August 16, 2007

Response by poster: No not that I know of i live in a relatively small city 300,000 pop so we don't get much useful stuff here its rather upsetting.
posted by Chamunks at 2:07 PM on August 16, 2007

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