Toronto: What happens in Queen's Park after midnight?
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Toronto: What happens in Queen's Park after midnight?

I often ride through Queen's Park late at night. There's the occasional person sleeping on a park bench, but more strange is that I usually see several people sitting on park benches, each on their own, in the pitch blackness of the northwest corner of the park. Any Torontonians know if there's some kind of deal going down? Cruising? Dealing? Waiting? Nothing? It's none of my damn business, but I'm curious, and too chicken to stop and ask.
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Eh well you're close to U of T so it could be some play deal but I wouldn't chance it. Minding your own business seems like the most sensible option, so you should probably just continue with that.
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gay cruising...
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Anecdote that may be completely unrelated:

A housemate in college pledged to a fraternity and part of the initiation/hazing was doing lots of wacky collective stuff, like jumping off the wharf and running around with bricks in his backpack. If you've got frats in Canada, and I have no idea if you do, I'd speculate that it's some sort of frat hazing.

But pre-anecdote-recollection, I was thinking drug dealers meeting clients. It's in the middle of the University of Toronto campus - as good a market as you'll find given prices, safety for dealers and relative stability and access for affluent, carless, dorm-bound buyers; the college cops might have their patrol schedule rather regimented and predictable; and the pitch blackness (which frankly surprises me from a safety standpoint, having gone to school in the middle of a huge forest here) could be good cover.

Or, totally and completely on the other side of the coin, they could be security folks for the provincial legislature, which is located in the park.
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I'm going to take a stab at it and assume that these people are some sort of vagrants, that they're up to something involving drugs or prostitution, and that they are low-key enough sitting there in the dark to continue to get away with it unnoticed. Queen's Park is creepy late at night, but if you want sheer desolation walk down Richmond street at 4am. Spooktown.
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It's a whole bunch of stuff. I've wandered around in Queen's Park after hours a few times because it's one of the few easily accessed public spaces in the downtown. It's mainly people smoking joints, a few vagrants chilling and talking with one another, and young kids hanging around. It's nothing particularly seedy or dangerous.

The cops are through there all the time, and most of the drunks are further south or east, closer to the bars on College and Yonge. There are no prostitutes or drug dealers because there's no clientele in the area. The residences are a block or two away usually, but oriented towards the major roads they abut, and any drug dealers are out on those.

The shadiest it ever gets is when the few frats close to the university get drunk and wander through it shouting.
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Queen's Park is one of Toronto's top spots for after-dark anonymous quickie gay hookups. I have at least one friend who admits to successfully cruising Queen's Park.
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Seconding the gay cruising. It's rampant there. A weird combination of UofT kids (especially from Trinity and whatever that one across the street is) and older guys on the down-low.
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It's listed as a gay "cruisy park" on
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Ah, thanks for humoring my curiosity. Good to know it's nothing that I need to be wary of (e.g. drug deals).
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Just harmless pot deals between first-years.
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Oh, there's drug deals going down there too. It's just that they're the relatively harmless kind, not tweakers trying to buy a rock, or sick junkies hunting another fix.
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