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Is there some way to get DRM-protected .wmv files to play on a Mac? Flip4Mac says they aren't supported--is there some 3rd party application that would do the trick?

For the record, I'm trying to watch an episode of a television show that Showtime has put online (Californication, specifically). I'm a new mac user, so I don't really even know what direction I should be looking in. Failing all of this, is it possible to download the file and convert it to some other format?
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Have you tried playing it in Microsoft's (admittedly very crappy) Windows Media Player for Mac?

Source here, scroll down below the Flip4Mac stuff. I think whether it will work depends on the DRM version. It won't do the newer versions of the scheme, I think.

There are tools floating around that purport to remove the DRM from Windows Media files, but I think they're aimed mostly at protected audio files. Not sure if it would work with video ones. The Wikipedia article on Windows Media DRM might be a good place to start.

Due to the DMCA, people are pretty hesitant to even discuss DRM-removal in U.S.-based forums; thus you may have to look for anything much more specific than that.
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What you mustn't do, of course, is install an excellent BitTorrent client and search for that show on a well-known torrent tracker.
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And you most definitely shouldn't use Google to find an application which lets you exercise your fair use rights and remove the DRM from pretty much any Windows Media (wma/wmv) encrypted file. =D
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You might try VLC, but I don't think it does DRMed files either. I don't there's anything on the Mac that will do DRMed Windows Media or video.
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I'm afraid you're out of luck trying to do this the legal way. There's been a whole lot of reactions to how these shows are being put out there by networks in a proprietary, windows-centric and drm-crippled format. At this point, there's nothing you can do except open those files on Windows Media Player on *gasp* Windows.

But here's what I did - don't tell a soul (just kidding). I got it off of bittorrent (use this client), with a much higher resolution, and in a format that both VLC (on the mac) and Quicktime (also on the mac) play it just fine - xvid. I know it's the wrong advice to give (you know, piracy and all), but they're screwing you by force-feeding you crippled files anyway. You just want to watch a god damn show (and a pretty good one at that ;-))
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If you have access to a windows box and you have a valid license for the files, then download FairUse4WM.exe

It will allows you to strip the DRM from files that you have a license for.
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Maybe you can watch it here?
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Thanks a bunch everyone!
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