Finding a lawyer to write a home renovation contract in SF Bay Area
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Inspired by this question: How can I find an attorney specializing in home renovation contracts in the San Francisco bay area?

We're contemplating doing some major home repairs and renovation for the first time. We have hired contractors for relatively minor things in the past but nothing of this magnitude. Since we're talking about a serious chunk of change here for the work (not to mention the potential liability exposure), we need to get a legal professional involved before we sign anything. I'm not sure how to go about finding one who works in this field. Is this something that the legal equivalent of a medical General Practitioner can handle? (Does that even exist in the legal world?) I haven't ever hired a lawyer for any reason; asking friends etc. for references hasn't turned up anything either. Any suggestions for how to find one, and what probing, insightful questions to ask him or her once we do?

(This is for foundation work in Oakland, if it matters.)
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You can use to locate an attorney.
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Heres a bunch. By the way, spending a little for experianced legal help is a very smart move on your part. (IMHO) They can help you determine a fair schedule for dispersing money to the contractor among other things.
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