Eagle, Alaska ????
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I am rereading John McFees "Coming Into The Country" and I find myself wondering the same thing that I did the last time I read it. That is, "What are all those people in Eagle, Alaska doing now?" I found a nice aerial view on Google maps, and a site for their historical museum, however, what I would like to find is another book. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: "A Land Gone Lonesome" by Dan O'Neill revisits the area, along with several of McPhee's characters. Also, if you visit the Eagle Historical Museum bookstore, you will find several books about the community and area.

WWII correspondent Ernie Pyle also visited the area, but I don't know if he wrote anything.
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McPhee. Oddly enough, I was just wondering yesterday if there's been a FPP about him on MeFi and if not I should do one.
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I don't know, but occasionally wonder what happened to the New Jersey pine barrens.
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